What is an HOA Architectural Request?

What is an HOA Architectural Request?

If you live in an HOA and you want to make a change to your exterior, typically that’s the architectural request form process.


Architectural requests play an important role in an HOA. Make sure that you are familiar with what the association is responsible for vs. what you are responsible for as a homeowner. The board has to determine whether that fits with the rest of the community. The decision to deny or approve a request should not be subjective.


The board should refer to the governing documents or the rules that are in place so that homeowners know what should or should not be allowed. In a single-family home association, someone could submit an architectural request to change the exterior color of their home, roof color, new landscaping, a new addition to their home.


Common architectural requests that would come in for a townhome could include new windows, a new door, possibly some landscape outside, a new light fixture. Typically if you’re wondering, “What window should I choose, what front door should I choose?” if that is your responsibility to fix, you’re going to probably want to look around the community and see what’s the most consistent.


If you’re upset about an architectural request form that you have to submit to your association, don’t be mad. It’s actually what you pay for. If you live in an HOA, my guess is that you want governance; you want the HOA to tell a homeowner, “No, you can’t paint your house bright purple.”


“No, you can’t paint your house bright green.”


An HOA board needs to be careful about what precedent was set in the past. If an association decides that they want to allow people to have little garden gnomes in front of their houses, they might have to stay consistent with that.


An HOA is built on uniformity and consistency so that when you drive into a community, you know right away that that’s an HOA.


We hope that this helped you understand the role that architectural requests have in homeowners’ associations. At HOA Assist, we do monthly financials for self-managed HOAs, and we also give you a custom website so that you can manage your association better.

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