Understanding HOA Snow Removal Contracts

What You Need To Know About HOA Snow Removal Contracts

Are you confused with your HOA snow removal contract? Are you often asking yourself, “What’s taking them so long?” We’re going to clear the air by discussing some common verbiage in these contracts to hopefully alleviate some of your frustrations – it’s what we do best!

When Will The Snow Plow Company Come Out?

It’s important to understand your association’s snow removal contract to help manage the community’s expectations. If you read through the snow-removal portion of any contract, you’re likely to come across the term trigger depth. This refers to the amount of snow that’s needed to accumulate—per the contract—for your vendor to come out and start clearing snow.

  • Typically, this trigger number is roughly one to two inches of accumulated snow.
  • The trigger depth is usually measured on-site by the vendor or by using some weather-monitoring service.
  • If an association does not reach the agreed-upon trigger depth, the vendor will not come out unless contacted, which will likely be an additional charge.

Open Up vs. Full Push

If a snow event has reached or exceeded the trigger depth, there are contract provisions that the vendor must adhere to, including certain timelines that they have to clear the roads, sidewalks, and driveways for larger snowstorms.

For instance, it’s important to know the difference between what is sometimes referred to as an open-up versus a full push:

  • An open-up occurs while the snow is still falling, ensuring that members are able to drive on private streets or driveways located directly off the city road.
  • A full push occurs after the snow has finished falling.

Depending on the amount of snow and what’s stated in the contract, a vendor will outline a specific amount of time that they have to complete this full push. For a lot of contracts, 12-18 hours is common, but keep in mind that this can vary, and the 12-18 hour timeframe can also apply to areas that require shoveling as well.

Other Snow-Related Services

Additional services outside of your contract could include salt, sand, and a return visit, so please be aware of those things!

Contract terms can vary depending on the vendor. It’s important to make sure that you’re familiar with your association’s snow-removal contract and provide this information to your community members to help establish clear expectations of service.

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