What We Do

Community Association Services for Self-Managed Properties

HOA Assist is not a traditional HOA management company.  We offer guidance based on extensive property management experience, educational resources, financial management and communication tools that make it easier to self-manage your community the right way.

Efficiently operating an HOA is no small feat. Staying on top of maintenance, city regulations, and finances presents ongoing challenges, and you’re constantly pulled in different directions trying to keep residents as happy as possible. 

  • Educate board members and residents on HOA rules, regulations, dues, and more.
  • HOA assist will manage your finances more efficiently, so you don't have to! We do this by tracking dues, payments, monthly income and expenses, balance sheet reports, monthly and annual budgets and more.
  • Improve communication between your board and residents by providing a central location for all updates and messages. Through our interactive website portal and mobile app, board members and residents can post and respond to updates on a shared community board.

With HOA Assist streamlining processes and eliminating some of the most taxing administrative duties, you’ll have more time to maintain your community and focus on fixing maintenance issues before they become a problem. Contact us today to get started!


HOA Financial Reporting

Financial management is hard work, but HOA Assist makes it easy to manage unlimited numbers of units and members. .

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Custom Portal

Our custom portal and app allows HOA board members and residents to view financial statements, pay dues and fees, file requests, and communicate.

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HOA Education Center

Our experienced consultants are ready to help manage your finances and teach you proven strategies for communicating with residents.

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Our Mission

At HOA Assist, our mission is to help ensure your HOA board has a solid foundation and your community is set up for success. As property management experts, we understand that a great HOA starts from the top; your entire board needs to be trained in all aspects of running an HOA in order to be successful. We believe our educations content will help you feel more confident in your leadership abilities!

After years in the property management industry, we saw a need for better tools specifically for self-managed HOAs. As a self-managed HOA, you handle all maintenance, emergency requests, improvements, and finances on top of resident happiness. It can be tedious, time-consuming work. But we understand why you take pride in a hands-on approach to resident satisfaction, and we’re simply here to help.

Our services solve some of the most common issues for HOAs, including:

  • Maintaining communication between the board and residents.
  • Educating board members and residents on what an HOA is and how they're designed to operate.
  • Financial management: budgeting, reporting, payments, and more.

To learn more about HOA Assist, please contact us via phone or email.

HOA Trainings

Whether you operate a self-managed or outside-managed HOA, chances are not all of your residents understand all of the rules and regulations that come with living in an HOA. As a board member, you may not understand every aspect of your job either. With our educational training resources, we can help every member of your community better understand what goes into operating and being part of a homeowners association.

HOA Assist offers a wide range of educational videos and other services to help inform your community. Our videos and HOA training opportunities address topics such as:

  • Board member training
  • Expectations as a resident
  • Board meeting expectations for members and residents
  • How to handle inspections
  • How to find reputable contractors and vendors

If you're a self-managed HOA and looking for an all-in-one HOA management solution, HOA Assist might just be a perfect option for you! Learn more by calling 855-952-8222 or send us a message here.