Why HOA Assist

Assistance When You Need It

Operating a self-managed HOA is a great deal of responsibility. If your board is feeling overwhelmed, HOA Assist can help make your lives easier. Though we don’t physically manage your property(s) for you, we do offer guidance to ensure your community is set up for success. Our financial reporting, interactive website, and education center can help streamline operations and keep all of your information stored in one place.

  • HOA Financial Reporting - Use HOA Assist to organize your finances and provide a centralized location for your residents to turn in their payments, file maintenance requests, and more. One of the biggest benefits of letting us do your monthly financials for you is that it takes all of the liability OFF the Board. 
  • Interactive Website - As an HOA Assist client, you'll have access to our interactive website to view your Association's financial statements, maintain communication, and view educational resources.
  • HOA Education Center - We believe knowledge is power, that’s why we’ve made all of our educational videos 100% free, whether you’re a client or not! Simply visit our YouTube channel to learn everything you need to know about living in an HOA. Our goal is to always have relevant and up-to-date content specific to HOAs so that you feel empowered to live in and help operate your Association.  

HOA Assist is not your traditional property management company. Our services simply enhance your self-management strategy. Get the assistance you need today! Contact us with any questions that you have, we're always happy to help! 

What Makes HOA Assist the Best Option?

One of the biggest things that sets HOA Assist apart from the competition is our drive to do what is best for Community Associations. We created this business because we recognized a need for self-managed communities.

While many HOAs rely on full-service property management companies to help them with legal compliance, finances, finding contractors, and everything in between, our services are different. We understand not every community wants to work with (or even needs to work with) a property management company, and that many are more than capable of self-management. We simply provide the guidance, resources, and tools you need to self-manage more effectively and efficiently.

HOA Assist can save your organization money each year by managing your finances, giving you more control over administrative tasks, and offering our knowledge and advice when issues arise. Our services make it easier to analyze your finances, monitor the dues your residents pay, and ensure you are always in a good spot financially. Our website and app offer easy access to all of the documents and files you need, along with providing a central location for communications between board members and residents.

Being a board member is difficult, and being a new board member can be even more challenging. Similarly, buying into an HOA is a decision that requires considerable thought. Residents need to consider everything they are buying into, such as fees, regulations, design elements, and more. Our education center and consulting services can help every member of your community gain a better understanding of the rules, regulations, and expectations your HOA has in place.

As a self-managed HOA, you have a certain way of doing things, and we respect that. We understand you probably have trusted contractors, service companies and a hard-working staff. However, there are always ways to improve how you run your HOA. If you want to find out how HOA Assist can improve your community, Contact us today to speak with a representative!

Our Education Center

At HOA Assist, our educational resources and commitment to service are second to none. Our immense and thorough education center is designed to answer any question you may have, no matter if you are a board member or a resident. Additionally, our trained staff is ready to help answer questions and offer advice based on years of property management experience.

We understand how much pride self-managed HOAs take in operating a well-oiled machine. We’re not here to take over your business; we’re here to relieve some of your biggest burdens while offering you knowledge and guidance along the way. To learn more, contact us today.

Interactive Website

Our interactive website and mobile app contains useful resources and tools for board members and residents alike. In the website portal, board members can view financial documents and other pertinent pieces of information. The site also provides a convenient way to send immediate messages to residents, speeding up and improving communication across your entire community. Use it to communicate updates about snow removal, landscaping or maintenance projects, upcoming events, and more!

Residents can also pay their HOA fees on the website, as well as request maintenance and communicate with the board. To learn more about our interactive website, contact us today.

Learn More Today

At HOA Assist, our team has extensive experience helping HOAs manage their properties. We understand the unique challenges that come with managing a homeowners association, and we provide comprehensive solutions. To learn more about our services or speak with a team member, please give us a call at 855-952-8222 or send us a message here.