Why HOA Assist Was Created

Why HOA Assist Was Created

To put it simply, we started HOA Assist because of the need for the services we offer. There is a segment of our industry and market that nobody’s paying attention to. That segment is self-managed associations that don’t want to pay to have a management company assist them in managing their association.

What Is a Self-Managed HOA?

Self-managed associations have to do everything by themselves. They collect their own association fee payments, pay their own bills, they may or may not have financial statements. They get all the bank statements from the bank. It’s a lot of work, and can be a burden for the treasurer and the board members.

How HOA Assist Can Help

We created HOA Assist to relieve that burden. Communities trust HOA Assist because we have over 50 years of experience in HOA management and the industry. Even if you’re a self-managed association that has hired a CPA firm to do your financials for you, like collecting fees, paying your bills, and producing monthly financial statements, HOA Assist fees are comparable for a much bigger return.

HOA Management Services

HOA Assist produces monthly financial statements with software designed specifically for this industry. Our accountants have decades of experience doing HOA financials. We foster a separation of duty, ensuring that only the best of the best is taking care of your money. We even have a CPA on staff.

We’re also going to give you a website, and on that website we have training videos on how to be more efficient and effective as a board member. To have a website for an association, even a smaller association, is essential to the success of that association. It’s really an effective tool for everyone in the association, not just your board members.

We’re going to train you on things like:

  • How to run an effective board meeting
  • What it means to be the board president, treasurer, or secretary
  • How to hire a vendor
  • How to deal with that homeowner who’s always asking difficult questions
  • Why you need reserve study and why they’re important

Our videos and services are going to help you to, not only be a better board member of a self-managed HOA, but it’s going to give you the freedom to relax when you’re at home. That’s why we created HOA Assist. Get your self-managed HOA off to a great start, and contact us today.