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Welcome to HOA Assist

HOA Assist is dedicated to ensuring each client is provided with accurate monthly financials while remaining a resource when questions arise. HOA Assist is committed to empowering Boards & homeowners through educational content, which is paramount to our purpose to empower and provide cost-effective tools for Associations to succeed.
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HOA Assist

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Meet the Team

Our team is a collection of individuals who are passionate about helping self-managed HOA's and have decades of experience in the industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

1 / How much does HOA Assist cost? 

Prices are based on unit count and type of Association. Contact us today at or 855-952-8222 to speak with an HOA Assist team member to find out what HOA Assist would cost your community. 

2 / What documents does HOA Assist need to get set up as a client? 

Articles of Incorporation, Tax ID Number, Homeowner List, Past Financials and current budget. 

3 / How are invoices for the association paid? 

Other than utilities and insurance must be approved by the association board before HOA Assist pays them. Invoices are approved through the website portal, or app, Vantaca.

4 / When can clients expect to receive their monthly financials?

Monthly financials are uploaded each month at a date chosen by the HOA Assist Accounting team, unless directed by the client with a specific date desired.

5 / What banking options are available to HOA Assist clients? 

Operating and Reserve accounts are initially set up through First Citizen's Bank (FCB) for all clients. An Association can request to have their reserve and investment funds held at any bank of their choosing. Please email us at to find out more. 

6 / How do clients pay their association dues? 

By using the website portal powered by Appfolio, clients can submit payments using a credit card, e-check, bill pay through their own personal bank or coupons with a personal check. Questions? Contact us at 855-952-8222. 

7 / Who should I call if I have any questions related to my account?

Please contact our experts by calling us at 855-952-8222 or emailing us at

8 / How do HOA Assist clients receive resale disclosure documents?

HOA Assist uses CondoCerts to transfer resale disclosure documents, dues, current letters and more. Condocerts can be accessed here or through our Get Documents page on our website. 

9 / Does HOA Assist facilitate vendor relationships? 

HOA Assist does not facilitate vendor relationships outside of issuing payments upon approval by the Board.

10 / Does HOA Assist offer collection services? 

The Board of Directors is the main point of contact with the attorney of their choosing, however, HOA Assist team members can provide ledgers for any delinquent homeowners in the community to the Board upon request. In addition, HOA Assist can place a stop payment on any delinquent homeowner upon request by the Board. Please send these request to

11 / Does HOA Assist offer printing services?  

HOA Assist can facilitate most printing requests at an additional charge upon request by an association board. Examples of such are annual meeting notices, budget mailings, newsletters, etc. A board should send HOA Assist the documents they would like printed , a proof is then created and sent back to the client to review. Once approved, the documents will be scheduled to be mailed out. 


Unless directed by the Board for a specific printing project, no additional printing charges are billed back to the Association by HOA Assist except the costs related to paying vendors, welcome letters, and statements sent to homeowners. Any specific printing requests can be sent to

12 / Does HOA Assist take homeowner calls? 

HOA Assist can provide a homeowner with their ledger upon request, however, the Association's portal through Vantaca is the primary communication tool for homeowners and board members. 

13 / Does HOA Assist oversee an association's audit, reviews, and/or taxes each year? 

HOA Assist can provide the Board/CPA of their choosing with financials to conduct an audit, review, or taxes upon request. Please send these requests to

14 / Does HOA Assist provide any guidance or assistance on insurance recommendations? 

HOA Assist can provide board with contact information of trusted Insurance Agents upon request. Please send these requests to or call us at 855-952-8222.

15 / Does HOA Assist provide any guidance or assistance on reserve investment recommendations? 

HOA Assist can provide board with contact information of trusted banking representatives upon request. Please send these requests to or call us at 855-952-8222

16 / How can I learn more about HOA related topics? 

Our Education Center page can be accessed here or on the top menu of our page. We provide short educational videos and define common terms used in HOAs. You can also subscribe to our Youtube Channel to keep up to date on all current HOA rules and regulations. 

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