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Professionally Managed HOA

Do you feel like you have been put on the backburner by your management company? Or do you feel like you might be overpaying for services you don’t really need? 

Either way, we’ve got you covered!  

We’ve noticed that a lot of communities find themselves in a couple of different categories: 


You have a hard time paying for full management, as you may not have the number of doors to spread that cost around.


You realize that “traditional full management” may not be necessary for your community.

If you find yourself in one of these categories, HOA Assist could be the perfect fit for your community.

Switching to HOA Assist from “traditional full management” could likely save your HOA thousands of dollars per year. We’ve seen savings of over 70%!

Our Services

Financial Management

  • US-based  

  • Collect Homeowner payments  

  • Complete Financial Package Every Month  

  • Monthly Bank Statements & Reconciliation  

  • Vendor Payments  

  • CPA On Staff (internal controls) 

  • Send Monthly Statements 

  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable 

  • Special Assessment Billing 

  • Budget Templates Provided 

Secure Online Portal

Homeowner ​View

  • Association Documents

  • General Requests 

  • Calendar & Events

  • Payment Reminder Notifications

  • Payment Confirmation Notifications

  • Homeowner How-To Videos

  • Mobile App Available 

  • Personalize Communication Preferences

Board Member View​

(Homeowner View plus the below items)

  • Invoices

  • Work Orders

  • Collections

  • Homeowner Directory 

  • Live Bank Account View

  • Live Reports

  • Violations

  • Board Tasks

  • Architectural Requests

  • Board Member How-To Videos

Education Center

  • We strive to help people understand what it means to live in an HOA. We create educational videos to help bridge the gap between you and your community. Our videos include the following: 

  • Understanding HOA Board Meetings 

  • How to Prepare a Budget for your HOA  

  • Explaining an HOA Annual Meeting 

  • Understanding the Importance of a Reserve Study  

  • Why do HOA Board Members Burnout? 

Click here for more helpful topics!  

Resale Documents

  • National partner through CondoCerts 

  • Dues Current Letter 

  • Lender Questionnaire  

  • Resale Disclosure  

  • COI  

  • Governing Documents  

  • Meeting Minutes  

  • And more! 

Hear from Our Clients

“After having a property manager for over 30 years, our Association decided to become self-managed in October 2021, with HOA Assist handling the accounting side of our business. The transition from our Property Manager to HOA Assist was very smooth. Mitch and Daniel were helpful in getting homeowners set up on HOA Assist’s on-line portal. The accounting function (receipts and vendor payments) has worked very well. Monthly financial statements are completed timely and accurately. Mitch, Daniel and Grace are professional, easy to work with and are very responsive to questions. Overall, we have been very happy with our decision to work with HOA Assist!”
HOA Board President

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